About Dental Insurance

Dr. Ronald Birnbaum
The Dental Office of

Delta Dental
Columbia University Dental Plan
Blue Cross-Blue Shield
Aetna (certain groups only)
Healthplex (certain groups only)
United Concordia
United Healthcare Dental (certain groups only)
Important note: Some insurers offer "DMO" or "HMO" plans. The office is not part of any DMO or HMO plan.

You are strongly advised to CALL your insurer at their customer service telephone number to verify that you will have coverage at this office.

We aim to assist and provide information as accurately as possible but it is challenging because there is so much variability in coverage between plans. Any treatment or portion that is not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the patient to pay. Please take an active role in understanding your insurance to avoid any misunderstandings! If you need assistance please give us a call.

If you are currently without dental insurance - call us for information on the fees we charge.

Dental insurance is accepted and we will perform claims submission on your behalf in most instances.

Dr. Birnbaum is "participating" with a number of PPO plans, some "in-network" plans we participate with are shown here >>>

Even if we are "out-of-network" with your plan, it will usually still work at our office- call us to verify your plan information.
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